Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now Sarah Palin Knows How I Feel

So there's a map, it has twenty targets identified with crosshairs, a target gets shot along with 6 other people, target happens to be a political figure, the map which was online was taken down immediately after the incident, a bit suspicious, ey? - are you following me so far? Let's just say hypothetically speaking that that map was connected to a 30 year old Muslim American of Palestinian descent from Brooklyn, New York. Our immediate response - we have ourselves the mastermind behind this heinous terrorist attack and we must hold him in contempt, solitary confinement, hey, maybe we will even send him to Guantanamo.

As you know, the map, the target list it didn't belong to a Muslim American, it belonged to our very own Patriotic American, Sarah Palin and friends. Where is Sarah Palin now? She's at home in Alaska updating her twitter and facebook. Oh and mainstream media, elected officials, and heads of federal bureaus of law enforcement have not characterized this shooting as a terrorist attack, why? The culprit wasn't a Muslim, he was a white guy from Arizona. He's just mentally unstable. Do you remember the pilot John Stacks who flew his plane into an IRS building, a federal building, he was just disgruntled with the IRS and their bureacracy. He probably didn't get the refund he wanted so flying a plane into a federal building was the most rational thing for him to do. How about Major Nidal Hassan, shooter in the Fort Hood attack, crazy guy, shot innocent Americans? Remember him? He was labeled a terrorist, an animal, connected to Al Qaeda, he had an email as evidence that he was following some type of orders. Let's look at Jared Loughner, our Arizona killer/shooter, angry American, inspired by books about Hitler. Photos on MySpace show a close-up picture of an automatic handgun sitting atop a book or paper titled United States History. This picture is accompanied by several videos posted to Loughner's Youtube account, including one of a masked man burning a U.S. flag and another with the words, "Don't trust the current government, listener!"

Maybe I am just bias but other than the facts that Loughner is white and NOT Muslim, there is no reason why Jared Loughner should not be tried for terrorism and labeled a notorious terrorist that is a national security threat to our entire country. And quite frankly since Guantanamo Bay is still open, another broken promise by our dear President Obama - we should send him there. Um, maybe not. If he hates America so much now, imagine how he'd feel knowing what goes on with detainees within the walls of Guantanamo.

So let's get back to Sarah Palin and friends. They are appalled that they are being unjustly blamed for the act of this extremist! Its almost deja vu for all Muslim Americans. Get this Palin, Muslim Americans feel the same way everytime some extremist acts in the name of our religion. Our media portrays us as unpatriotic while government develops policies that stomp on our civil liberties. The American public and the world than wait for the Muslim Community (1.5 billion people) to condemn these acts of violence. National Muslim organizations, local organizations, community leaders send out press releases to do just that. Who in the Christian community condemned publicly on behalf of all Christians the terrorist attacks of Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma City Bomber, or the white guy in Milwaukee who held 24 students and teachers hostage, or John Stacks who flew his plane into a Federal Building, and many more serial killers and rapists.

So I can't believe I am going to say this but; Sarah Palin, I feel you. I know how you're feeling. Why should you be blamed for the attempted murder of Congresswoman Giffords and the other 6 who were shot dead? You only had a map, and you identified these targets, and you have only been instilling fear into people, using hateful and spiteful rhetoric, pinning parties against eachother and a few other things. The interesting thing is I was never directly or indirectly or assumed even involved in previous terrorist attacks but I still become a representative of the Muslim Ummah and I must speak out, if I don't speak out my silence will be attributed to my approval of these acts.

Now you know how Muslim Americans feel when one Muslim commits an attack on all of us, and we, as Muslim Americans have to unjustly take the blame. It doesn't feel good does it? What goes around comes around and now Sarah Palin can stand in the shoes of Linda Sarsour and many other loyal Americans in the Muslim community.

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